• Conducting Bible study in Suomenlinna, Helsinki
  • Preaching in Katajanokka Marina, Helsinki
  • Preaching in the Old Town, Porvoo
  • Declaring the good news, Porvoo
  • Finland Branch, Vantaa
  • Preaching from door to door, Tampere
  • Witnessing at Hietalahti Marina, Helsinki
  • Getting ready for ministry, Turku
  • Reaching remote areas by boat, Aland Islands
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Kingdom Work

Peak Publishers

  • 18,710


  • 301

Bible Studies

  • 10,573

Kingdom Halls

  • 231

Languages of Congregations/Groups

  • Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, English, Estonian, Finnish, Finnish Sign Language, French, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Thai
Witnessing in Tampere Witnessing in Tampere
Father and son in field ministry Father and son in field ministry
Sharing the Bible message Sharing the Bible message
Learning the truth from the Bible Learning the truth from the Bible
Preaching in a park Preaching in a park
Witnessing in Turku Witnessing in Turku
Conducting a Bible study Conducting a Bible study
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